Hip Arthroscopy FAQ

When can I travel after surgery?

You can travel once you feel comfortable; however it is best to wait until 2 weeks postoperatively. If you need to go on a long haul flight within the first six week postoperatively, please let the practice know so that we can discuss options for you to decrease the risk of a clot (DVT).

When will I need a follow-up appointment with Professor Haddad?

Your follow-up appointment will be on the letter that was sent to you with the details of your surgery. Should this time not be convenient for you, do ring the office to change it. It is usual to have a follow up appointment within two weeks.

When can I drive after surgery?

Generally it will be about 2 weeks postoperatively before you will feel comfortable to drive. If you have had your right leg operated on you will need to be able to perform an emergency stop before you are able to drive.

Will I need crutches after my hip arthroscopy surgery?

Yes. You will usually require crutches for up to the first 1-2 weeks from surgery. If we have to remove bone from an impingement lesion that is extensive or if you have a cartilage defect that requires drilling or microfracture, we will often ask you to stay on crutches for 4 weeks. A physiotherapist will assess you before you have been discharged, to ensure that you can mobilise safely with your crutches and navigate yourself up and down stairs. You will also be given a series of exercises to do by our physiotherapists, who will help minimise the amount of swelling, improve the range of motion of your hip and to help and to help strengthen your hip muscles. We will usually send your postoperative mobilisation protocol to your physiotherapist.

Can I shower with my wound dressings on?

Yes. You will be discharged with a waterproof dressing on. You will also be given some spare dressings to take home, should your postoperative dressing start to lift off or you have to change your dressing.